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At Delta Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd., We come with 3 decades of legacy in the Cooling Tower industry. With over 15000 installations in various industries, we are trusted by the industry for their cooling tower needs. With strict quality standards and prompt after-sales service, we aim to provide you with the best in class experience. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities for FRP Cooling Towers, CTI Certified Cooling Towers, and Pultruded Cooling Towers with a team of qualified professionals back our quality driven excellence.


Our Products

Round Cooling Towers: DFC-50

Delta’s Series DFC-50 symbolizes round bottle-shaped FRP cooling towers. Our round bottle shape cooling towers embody excellent design, up-to-date technology and other innovative features.

Square Cooling Towers: DFC-60

Our DFC-60 series cooling towers operate upon induced draft counter flow principle. These lightweight, tough, and compact cooling towers are modular in nature to help design a customized structure to suit the customer’s requirements.

CTI Certified Cooling Towers: DFC-60 UX

Delta’s DFC-60 UX series induced draft counter flow cooling tower is certified for thermal performance by Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) in accordance with CTI Standards STD-201.

Pultruded Cooling Towers: DPC-70

Delta’s DPC -70 series comprises Pultruded FRP Induced Draft cooling towers. These high-strength field erected Cooling Towers have excellent corrosion properties...

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By choosing Delta you are sure to have high-quality products that maximise your investment.

Cooling towers provide a cost-effective and energy efficient operation of systems. Delta provides a vast range of Cooling Towers and ancillary services to meet the requirements of all segments of the industries.Delta Cooling Towers has excelled in manufacturing Cooling Towers since 1993. Being in this sphere of business for a long time, we have developed a wide experience and exquisite knowledge regarding the various production and execution aspects.

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