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Delta Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd. is a major manufacturer, supplier, stockist and exporter of high quality heat exchangers. For efficient operations most industrial applications use some cooling medium, which are generally fluids. In turn heat exchangers are used to cool such fluids. Heat Exchanger is an industrial equipment which transfers heat from one medium to another during the manufacturing process. Heat is transferred by means of conduction and convection through the exchanger material which separates the medium being used. The hot fluid is cooled by rejecting heat to the cold medium. Heat exchangers are widely used in various industrial applications such as Injection moulding machine, Blow moulding machine, hydraulic press, furnace, pharmaceutical plant, food processing, dairy, chemical process, engine, refrigeration to name a few. There are two major kinds of Heat Exchangers – Shell & tube type heat exchangers and Gasketed Plate Type Heat Exchangers. Delta Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd offers both types of Heat Exchangers. With over 25 years of experience in process heat transfers, we deliver sector specific client proven solutions.

Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers regulate temperature variation in tubes, while liquid such as oil or water flows through shell pipes by administering cooling agents. The fluid to be cooled passes in zig-zag manner, through the shell around the densely fitted copper tubes having a number of baffles. Fluid passes it’s heat to water that flows through the copper tubes having multiple path ways. This enhances contact time of water with fluid for optimal heat transfer. This makes the heat exchanger highly efficient.

Shell and Tube Type heat exchanger has following sections:

  • Shell: It is the main body of the heat exchanger, which contains all internal parts.
  • Tube bundle: Tubes along with tie roads, tube sheets and baffles etc. is called tube bundle, to hold the tubes together.
  • Stationary Header: The fluid enters the tube inside the exchanger from Stationary Header. It is also called Front Header.
  • Rear Header: The fluid in the tubes leaves the exchanger through rear Header.

  • Extensive range of models available to choose from
  • Multiple copper tubes in a steel shell uses water as a cooling medium
  • Tubes can be easily accessed through end covers
  • Easy cleaning or replacement of tubes
  • Easy installation
The gasketed plate type heat exchanger which is also known as Plate &Frame type heat exchangers, consists of specific number of stainless steel plates arranged between the frame. These plates are corrugated to increase the surface area. The pressed patterns in the plates create the turbulence and enhance the heat transfer. The pressure plates are attachedtothe supporting column. The gaskets on all sides of the plates seal the material from coming out sideways as well as through the holes on the plates.

Gasketed Plate Type Heat Exchanger has following sections:

  • Plate pack: It consists of cold-stamped and corrugated plates. The design dependsupon heating application and number of plates.
  • Gaskets: Ensures isolation of platesfrom each other along with proper distribution of fluid.
  • Fixed frame: Is the immovable plate used as a structure
  • Movable frame: Used for tightening and assembly of plates.
  • Bottom bars: Guides the plates at the bottom
  • Top bar: Placed between the fixed frame and supporting column upon which the plates are suspended

  • Extensive range of models available to choose from
  • Easy cleaning or replacement of Plates
  • Minimum pressure drop
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Easy installation