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Delta’s DPC -70 series comprises Pultruded FRP Induced Draft cooling towers. These high-strength field erected Cooling Towers have excellent corrosion properties. Made from FRP pultruded sections and FRP sheets, the series DPC-70 can be the best choice for larger capacity cooling towers. In addition to strength and performance, they are environmentally safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Pultrusion Process:

Pultruded products are becoming a staple of the global manufacturing economy, and pultrusion is now one preferred form of manufacture of composite parts for thousands of applications. Cooling Tower is also a key application, where these pultruded sections are used extensively. Wooden cooling towers are now almost obsolete from the industry.

Manufacturing Process of Pultruded sections:

It is a manufacturing process where continuous lengths of FRP with a constant cross-section area are produced. The equipment may vary in size but the process is the same everywhere.

The raw materials are pulled through a heated die. After the reinforced rovings are out of the guide, they are passed through a wet bath where resin impregnation takes place. A pulling mechanism is used to separate the cured profile from the die to have complete separation.

Advantages of Pultruded FRP Cooling Towers:

  • Corrosion resistant: There is no need to worry about routine maintenance due to corrosion in the cooling towers.
  • Light Weight: The light weight enables easy and efficient installation.
  • Long Life: Delta’s pultruded FRP cooling towers have a significantly longer life as compared to other cooling towers.
  • Low Operation Cost: Delta's range of Pultruded Cooling towers are maintenance free.
  • Weather Protection: The build is so robust that it is capable of handling extreme temperatures and weather conditions with ease.
  • Heavy Duty: The DPC - 70 is capable of taking care of the higher temperature range that many industries demand.
  • Easy and cost effective installation: There is no requirement of costly column or beam structures in the basin.
  • Faster Installation: The installation time for DPC-70 is less than the other FRP cooling towers.
  • Sustainable: It is extremely strong and resistant to chemicals and does no damage to the environment.