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imagesIt has always been our endeavour to provide International Quality Products to our valued customers and users. Delta has been consistently delivering quality products, for over quarter of a century and has created a reputation as a leading manufacturer of FRP Cooling Towers in India and its brand “Delta” is widely accepted across Industries.

Delta’s DFC 60 UX Series is certified by Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) under its CTI-STD 201 program. CTI is an Independent, non-profit association of cooling tower owners, manufacturers, experts and specialists, which evaluates cooling towers on strict parameters before providing their approvals. CTI’s main objectives are continuous advancement of performance, design and technology of Cooling Towers.

We are proud to be amongst a very few Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India, who offer CTI Certified Cooling Towers to its customers. The certification provided to our Series DFC-60UX has been based on tough examinations conducted as per the CTI’s test requirement norm. The Information provided on our website and literature, is authenticated by CTI. We value the Certification from CTI and are committed to provide high quality Cooling Towers to our customers as well as to undertake regular reviews for optimum Thermal Performance with CTI for our Cooling Towers.

Key Features

  • CTI Certification indicates thermal performance and accurate ratings
  • Minimal Energy Consumption and Lower noise levels
  • Weather resistant and leak proof FRP Casing and basin
  • Adjustable pitch axial flow aluminium fan sets
  • Totally enclosed weather proof electric motors with IP-55 protection
  • Dependable Performance and Efficient Operations
  • Stronger body and Heavy-duty Structure for longevity
  • Experienced and dedicated team for installation of CTI certified cooling towers
  • Design parameters guarantee over 95% efficiency of our Cooling Towers